Umana Anjalin is an Associate Professor of the School of Business at the University of Liberal Arts (ULAB) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before joining ULAB, she finished her Ph.D. in Communication and Information and her second Masters in Advertising from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA. During her stay in the US, she co-taught social media to undergraduate and graduate students and served as a research assistant at the University of Tennessee. Prior to that, Dr. Anjalin taught Marketing and Business Communication in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka. Before joining academia, she served in the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel in public relations, sales, and marketing departments. Dr. Anjalin did her MBA and BBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.

Dr. Anjalin has published in many international journals, and she also has international book chapters to her credit. Her research interest is in advertising to children and teenagers, the portrayal of gender in marketing communication, advertising appeals, advertising message strategy, international students’ culture shock and reverse culture shock, and social media activism. Dr. Anjalin’s portrayal of content analysis of gender stereotypes in contemporary US teenage magazines has been downloaded more than 10,000 times since June 2015. She is an active reviewer of Sage and Springer international journals. Dr. Anjalin also is an enthusiastic travel blogger. She is a member of Gamma, Beta, Phi National Honor Society in the USA.